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On being alone

In which our heroine discovers she feels fine

One day, not early in my life, I woke up and I found myself alone for the first time in many years. I had lost important people before. It had almost killed me then, because I was telling myself the wrong stories. But not this time. Sometime, somewhere, I had told the right story, painted the right allegory, gone to enough therapy, found my way home. To what I love most. The stories. And the friends I have loved along the way. These stories evolved into two works-in-progress: The Firebird and The Prodigal's Progress. You can see a few illustrations from each by clicking the Portfolio link, and full excerpts including the text under the section Books. The Firebird is in the final stages before printing, and the The Prodigal's Progress is slated to be finished late 2021.

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